Testimonial #1

testimonial1A beautiful note and poem from one of my forever homes for one of my retired girls “Ling Ling”

Dear Rhonda,

Hope you and all your lovely Bengals are well. I am so enjoying my EchoSpot and Ling Ling. She is with me every night – all night curled up next to me under the covers. EchoSpot usually comes to me in the morning wanting to play. Thank you again for my Ling Ling. Your kindness has helped me in my loss. My sentiments follow.testimonial2

I never knew the soothing comfort

A little kitty can bring bring

I did not think my heart could heal

And once again could sing sing

Until I received that fabulous gift…

My adorable, loving Ling Ling.

Sincerely, Ardith.


Testimonial #2

Hi Rhonda,

I just wanted to send you some updated pictures of the kitten we purchased in October of last year. We named her Raja. She is quite a character! She loves attention and is everything we ever hoped for in a Bengal. Just wanted to give you updated pictures for your website and say again thank you for such a wonderful kitten.

Hopefully can purchase another in the future!

-Erica B.


Testimonial #3

testimonial3Andy was on his very first car trip to the airport 2 1/2 hours away. He is going to be living with Don and Sheryl in Madisonville, Kentucky. Sheryl is picking him up in El Paso, where I am taking him, and flying back with him to Kentucky. This little boy was soooo comfy sitting in my granddaughters lap, never cried, was a perfect passenger.



Testimonial #4

These cats are amazing! Vox isn’t afraid of anything. On Halloween, 6 kids were playing with her and her toys on the living room floor and she didn’t even flinch. A friend came by to visit with her 150 lb Ridgeback and we put Vox together with him and they just got along fine. Itty isn’t as crazy as Vox, She has a calmer demeanor and is very affectionate. Both cats are very personable and Karon and I attribute this to the way you raised them. You were always playing and handling them thus making very loveable pets. I have always had dogs and these little Kitties don’t know what they are. They Fetch, lay on there backs for Belly Rubs, they come to Karon whenever she calls them etc… had I known Bengals were so delightful, I would have converted to being a cat person along time ago. Thanks for trusting us with your kitties (as Karon calls them) they have brought so much joy to our house.


Testimonial #5

testimonial5Hello Rhonda, Just thought you’d like another Buster and Buddy update. They are doing great! I just today snapped the pix of them on the cat tree. Buddy has the blue collar, Buster of course is the other guy. Our daughter and grandsons were down for a few days, and the boys (11 and 13) just loved Buster and Buddy. Hope you are staying cool over there. We sure could use some rain! Heck, I’d even take some snow right now. Have a good week, -Billy and Judy




Testimonial #6

Meet the rest of our family! Benjamin Bruce, the Shepherd, who unfortunately is no longer with me….. Mija, the Chihuahua…….Isabella, the Standard Poodle

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